Rockstar Supernova Finale

Well it's finally over. I didn't take notes. I mostly fast forwarded through the show. The bottom two were Magni and Toby. Magni was let go. Then the final three (Dilana, Lukas, and Toby) each made their case to the band. They each sang a final song. Then Supernova cut Toby. They are retarded.
Obviously the final two became Lukas and Dilana. Here's the play by play:
The Lemur King versus the Marlboro Man. It is going to be as great as Ali v Frazier. Well, maybe not. First the Marlboro Man takes a swing at the Lemur King's midsection. But that one punch leaves her winded. The Lemur King gargles his words as the Marlboro Man falls.
That's right. They picked Lukas the Lemur King over Dilana the Marlboro Man. Oh well. Dilana's consillation prize: she gets to front the House Band on the Supernova tour. Also Gilby offered to help her write songs for her first album as well as produce it. Dave Navarro told her he would play guitar on it for her. I think that beats winning.
So congrats to Lukas on winning.

One final thought: did anyone else think that Dave Navarro looked like Dracula tonight? I really thought he did with the popped out collar.

Have a good one and don't get none on ya.


Evilicious Blonde said...

Everyone I know who watched the show has said the exact same thing today. "I am soooooo not buying that album now".

My thoughts exactly.


Billy said...

What a load of Supernova that was.

Disappointing doesn't begin to cover it at all. How the hell could they pick Lukas to front the group? There's one album I'll be making a point NOT to buy. The tour brings them to Orlando, I may drive that far to see the House Band w/Dilana. Leaving before the headliner takes the stage would be my response to their choice of a front man. Lemur King, LMAO.

Philip - Kudos to you man for a wonderful running commentary on the season, no disappointments here whatsoever.

So what hasbeen or neverwas band will be up for next seasons Rock Star? Regardless of the outcome, it was entertaining television.

Philip said...

Rumors for this season included Van Halen and Alice in Chains. No telling for next year.

Evilicious Blonde said...

I don't think it will be Alice in Chains. They are playing here in Houston on October 8th I believe, so apparently they have another singer.

Ironically, Dave's Panic Channel is on the same bill.

I heard Mark Burnett on the radio this morning. He said he wants Van Halen next.

MG said...

Sorry I missed the end of the show with you, my world's been a little upside down lately, just wanted to say...

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