Rockstar Supernova Performance Show Recap 9/5/06

So last night was the performance show. In case you didn’t read my spoiler or watch the webisode, they showed a little behind the scenes stuff. They even showed Dilana’s comment about her song being a “screw you” to the fans who vote online. Yet, I never heard the “boos” from the audience. Whatever. On to the performances! They had sets to perform: each rocker did a cover song, had a moment to interact/entertain the audience, and sing an original song. INXS never did that last year. I think that’s a good thing.

Dilana Smith was first up, and we watched her be carried to the stage as Brook Burke explained that Dilana had torn her calf muscle during practice that day. What was she doing to tear her calf muscle? What was she “practicing?” We assume that it was the rehearsal with the house band, but you never know. She’s really been destructive the last few weeks:
- screwing up her chances
- breaking a wine glass by the pool
- tearing her calf muscle
She needs to tone it down a few notches. Anywho, her song was a rearranged version of The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes.” I thought she did a good job. It wasn’t the train wreck I was expecting. Then she sang her original called “Supersoul.” Dave Navarro didn’t like the original. Tommy Lee did (he just likes chicks who are all tatted up and pierced too many times). Gilby Clarke said that much like in the song writing clinic she is too literal, but other than that he liked her performance.

The next rocker was the Icelandic madman, Magni. He came out with The Beatles “Back in the USSR.” It was pretty good, but not overwhelming. He seemed very relaxed, kinda like he was going through the motions. His original was called “When the Time Comes,” and he had to actually translate it from Icelandic. I thought the performance on the original was better than the cover.

Storm Large ran on stage next to cover David Bowie’s “Suffragette City.” Apparently she wasn’t the only person who was running up there as Dave Navarro shocked her and everyone there by running up there to play guitar. Did anyone else think that her all black outfit fit the song because it made her look a little androgynous? The song was written back in Bowie’s androgynous days after all. She introduced her original song as “What the What is Ladylike.” As opposed to her original title for the non-PG version: “What the Fuck is Ladylike.” I liked it live. I listened to it on her myspace page the other day, but this was really good. Afterwards Dave said that he has played with some of the best frontmen of bands in the world and playing with her felt like he was with a true frontman. And he said that was the best original of the two seasons of the show. That says a lot.

Lukas Rossi was up next with a very stripped down version of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer.” He was on guitar in the spotlight and the keyboard player was in the shadows. I thought it was a great version EXCEPT HE KEPT GARGLING HIS WORDS. I really am beginning to hate that. Next was his original song called “Headspin.” He said it was about his mother. It was pretty good I thought.

Toby Rand popped up next. Our favorite Aussie sang The Killers “Mr. Brightside.” Did anyone else think that he sounded just like the studio version of the song. I mean his voice was spot-on. As awesome as that was, his original song “Throw It Away” was a thousand times better. I think he may get the encore again. He was the only rocker that left the stage this week. He was all over everywhere. He was up on the stage for the judges for a while. Tommy Lee got up and grabbed his butt. Toby looked back but never faltered. I really think he’s taken over the lead after Dilana screwed the pooch (figuratively, you perverts!). Toby’s song was also the only one that was a real sing along.

Here’s my guess for the bottom three based on performance only:
Magni (even though I liked his performance)

I really think that Toby and Storm had the two best performances. Toby was just that much better though.

Instead of showing the bottom three after the initial voting, the producers showed the order from most votes to least. Here it is:
1. Toby
2. Lukas
3. Magni
4. Storm
5. Dilana

I think the voting public is full of idiots if they keep Lukas that high.
What did you think?


Billy said...

As always, you're right on man.

I can't believe that Lukas was #2, blows my mind. Storm kicked ass, Magni was solid, Dilana needs to go home with Lukas and Toby is bringing it on fast.

Only a week to go, be interesting to see who goes home tonight, for me it should be Lukas and/or Dilana. I don't think Storm is the one for the band but she gets my vote for Miss Congenialty.

Philip said...

I agree. Thanks

K said...

I hate being right... No... No I don't... hehe


PS-- Not going to Memphis, but I am going to Nashville this month. YAY.

MG said...

well, I kept falling asleep last night and missed some of the performances, I did see Storm, Lukas and Toby.

I have no new opinion on Storm. She's good, but I do get bored with her.

Lukas I started liking from the beginning and it's gone down hill since. I so agree with you on the fact that his rearranged version of the song would have been awesome if he'd SANG it instead of whatever that is he does... I mean, c'mon. (and oh, I can no longer watch without thinking of the word "gargling" and marbles in the mouth, which btw, would be dangerous, and I can't say "in the mouth" without, nm... gotta get back on topic, this is not my blog)

ok, so Toby, he's so likable, I just want him to sound harder... I need harder... (not going well)

I won't comment on the other two since I missed them,... but Dilana (hmm...seems I'm commenting) is beginning to give me that "has been that never was" feel...

I for her going home.

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