Cowboy Mouth at Mud Island

Back on October 5th, HM took several of his friends (including me) to have dinner with Fred from Cowboy Mouth before the big show at Mud Island. The bands were Need to Breath, Soul Asylum, Cowboy Mouth, and Hootie & the Blowfish. Quick review:
Need to Breath: didn't see them. We were eating with Fred.
Soul Asylum: Good, but it was too early. The crowd wasn't there yet. I enjoyed it, because I knew a lot of their songs.
Cowboy Mouth: kicked ass as usual. More on that later.
Hootie: complete let down after Cowboy Mouth.

Ok, we're going to go through this with a photo story spread.

We went to the South end of Mud Island to some cafe there. It was pretty cool. The talent from 94.1 the Buzz tried to entertain us while we waited on Fred to show up. We got tired of them trying to keep us from being restless, so we sent a few folks to get some beer. After a while Fred shows up and we all ate BBQ and hung out. The group that HM got together were friends of his from college and post college, most of the group have been going to Cowboy Mouth shows since the Mid-90s.
Here is a pic of the Mississippi River just before sunset.
After dinner we took a few pics with the group and Fred.
The girl who is kissing Fred told Fred that she'd leave her husband for Fred if he'd ask her to. And her husband (the tall guy in the back) was sitting right there laughing.

Of course Mary (aka the Shady Lady V) had to get a signature. Fred said (and I quote) "This better not be on MySpace tomorrow." Well it's been a few weeks now, so I guess someone can put it up there if they want.After dinner with Fred we went to our seats and caught the Soul Asylum show. They were good, but like I said before, the crowd was mostly there to hear Hootie. Soul Asylum would have been better off playing the New Daisy. They can be more intimate with their crowd.

After the Soul Asylum show, HM and Shady Lady V wanted to show us how excited their were for the Cowboy Mouth show. HM looks a little more excited in the first pic.
Actually when comparing the two pics, HM looks like he's going to fall asleep. The Shady Lady V is ready to keep going though.

Anywho, Cowboy Mouth came out and those of us who are initiated in the mischevous ways of live Cowboy Mouth shows stood up and started cheering. Of course half the crowd that was there for Hootie sat on their old butts. It was a weird crowd. Anyway, Fred looked out and saw half the crowd standing. He wasn't going to put up with that. He stopped drumming and grabbed a wireless microphone. He ran off stage and got in the crowd. He made people stand up. If they didn't stand up, he sat on their laps until they did. That got everyone psyched up. Here are three pics of him running through the crowd.Here is where he is back on stage and reminding us that we are going to scream and sing until we feel the best we've ever felt. It worked.
After Cowboy Mouth finished their way too short set, these random girls behind us wanted a pic with us.
I had to explain to this girl what the shocker was. She still didn't understand it.
Here's a pic of Hootie. I made it through about 5 songs before I went to the back to the back of the place. Hootie was just a let down. Darius's vocals were horrible. It honestly sounded like he was drunk. You couldn't understand the words that he gargled even if you knew the songs. Darius just didn't seem like he wanted to be there. The rest of the band seemed into it, but Darius wasn't.

Anyway, HM, Shady Lady V, and I spent about 5-10 minutes debating whether or not to stay for the rest of the show. We decided to walk to the Ptolemy party in the High Point Pinch district. We got there ,and everyone was drunk as hell. HM and I decided to call it a night. Mary went with a few folks to another bar, but we caught a cab.

It was a great night altogether.

Sorry it took so long to post this. But with moving and looking for a new job, I've been a little too busy to post.

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