Guinness for Strength!!!

I know I've been MIA lately. Living in G'town with dial-up internet really kills the urgency to blog. I feel like I'm becoming the new Charly.

But I'm heading out into the wild blue yonder and meeting a few folks out for drinks tonight at Celtic Crossing. Scottie Too Hottie, HM (or "Ripple" as Shady Lady V calls him now), Dr. J, DP & AP, the brother, and maybe Mendi will be there. The Shady Hasbeen and the Shady Lady V were supposed to come to G'town to pick me up and take me there, BUT they haven't both backed out. One has a work commitment for tonight and the other has a cold. So looks like I'll be testing the roads of G'town tonight.
Hope to see yall there. I'll be enjoying my Guinness!
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