Miss MySpace Bday (TM) (and yes there are cougars)

So I know that I'm a good post out of order, but I promised that I'd post this ASAP.

Last night I went to Shawna's bday party. It was a blast. We started at Benihana's and then went to the Windjammer. Here are the pics of the evening with details, of course.
Here I am with the birthday girl herself.

Here is Shawna opening the Pasta Magic Chef, AS SEEN ON TV!!!Here she got her favorite gift: a friggin' garden gnome. She ended up with three of them. Here's Ro showing how much she loved the birthday ice cream.Here she is walking up to her car after Kristy and Ro decorated it. Unfortunately some jealous bastard(s) wrote on the windows with lipstick. They wrote "whore" and "slut" on the windows. What jackasses! Seriously. But they didn't ruin the evening. We had a blast.Remember the gnomes I mentioned? Here they all are. Actually, she had us put them in the backseat where she could strap them in seatbelts. Seriously. I'm not making this up.We finally left and headed to the Windjammer. Here I am with Ro.Here are 5 of the girls. Don't ask me to name them all. I'm horrible with names.I cut off the girl on the right so we retook it. And she just couldn't pay attention I guess.Shawna didn't get this tshirt until we got to the bar. It's perfect for her since she is Miss MySpace 2006 TM.Looks like it fits.Here's another great pic with the birthday girl.Here's the bday girl with Kristy.Shock...what?Kristy was talking about some slap the ass dance move. We made her keep doing it over and over. And of course I got a pic of it.Here's Too Tall with the bday girl herself.Ro all of a sudden became a drunk dinosaur. I never got a pic of her eating, but she'd turn into a dinosaur and start eating people's hair.Cold and filtered? Time for a taste teste.I've started an epidemic with this damn shocker thing. I'm getting copycats all over the world.Yeah, I know what we were doing...but I'm not going to tell you.And guess what happens when you have too much straight red bull.After we had been there a while, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I felt there might be cougars in teh room. Turns out I was right. I looked over my shoulder across the bar and saw a cougar. Then I saw she was in a pack. It was crazy. I noticed one of them walked away towards the karaoke stage. I knew that was my only chance to get a pic of a cougar in the wild. Check out the next pic for a cropped pic with a closer look at our cougar.Looks like she was trying to put out the mating call.Here is the bday girl herself.The later it gets, the worse the pics get.Blowin kisses at ya.Daddy like.I think we were having fun.I don't know what this pic is about or why I took it. But I have to include it.But here's a better one to make up for it.

If I get more pics emailed to me from the girls, I'll post those in another post. The next few pics were from Shawna's slide pics. I grabbed these just for the hell of it. Oh yeah, they are a little embarassing for yours truly.
I jumped in on this one without an invite.
Amazing what a few red bull and vodkas will do to a man.Have a good one and don't get none on ya.


Anonymous said...

proof of the cougar, lmao...

Philip said...

Yeah, they went nuts when I found the cougar at the bar. They had no idea what it meant. Then they started asking if they were cougars. That was funny.

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