HNT - Possession

Ok, I haven't done an HNT post in a long ass time, but I'm trying to be more proactive in blogging. Here's a pic of me possessed by the ever powerful Red Bull & Vodka at 2 in the morning.

Happy HNT yall


Anonymous said...

looking good as always, keep up the posting!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ewww...redbull and vodka is nasty....lol unless I've had lots of other things BEFORE that...lol

HHNT...and welcome back :)

Merry Christmas!

Suze said...

Great shot! I know what you mean, the last time I drank that stuff I had the energy of a small child. Unfortunately, I didn't feel too good the next day.

Happy Christmas HNT sweetie ;)

Regal said...

Happy Holidays!

AngieDawn said...

Finally, I meet you!

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