Day Time Commercials

One thing you do when you don't work is watch tv while searching the net for a job. You can definitely tell the demographics that the day time commercials are pandering to. There was one I had to talk about:

There's a phone out there for (obviously) senior citizens called Jitterbug. It has big numbers that light up, a soft ear cushion and an extra loud speaker all for the older generation. There's even a point where this old guy says "no cutesy symbols. No flashy lights. Just a great phone."
The only real reason I bring this up is because I just went to help my grandmother buy a new phone the other day. It is hard to believe how hard it is to explain a new phone to someone older. I actually wish they sold phones like this Jitterbug at regular cell phone places. But they won't because they make their money selling the other junk (huge plans and packages). And if you have a phone that only dials people, how can you sell the other stuff.

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