So last night I was inspired. I still don't know by what or whom, but I was inspired. I started swimming my laps and just kept going. By the time I hit the first half mile, I decided to keep going for an additional half mile. Up until this point I had never swam further than maybe ten cool down laps beyond a mile. I swam a total of a mile and half last night non-stop, all 53 laps.
Needless to say, I woke up very sore today. But I have hit a new personal milestone. I am quite proud of myself.

And if you can't I really don't have much else to talk about. Except I don't like downtown Paul dreaming about me. That's kinda creepy.

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Frank Garrison said...

Keep it up. As an on again, off again Masters Swimmer, I can say that the more you do, the better you feel (both overall and in the water).

IS there a Masters team in Memphis?If so, consider joining. My team provides me with structure and motivation I could never get just on my own.

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