Esta Noche

Tonight I met Scottie Too Hottie...WAIT! I mean, Uncle Scottie Too Hottie. Anyhoo, met the Uncle at the Young Ave Deli tonight as well as a few other folks. A Dr. "NoName" was there too. The downside was that it was team trivia night. We couldn't talk to the folks we met. Kinda sucked but we made do. Other than that I had a blast. Now I am back home watching the shows I missed:
My Name is Earl
The Office
Grey's Anatomy
Just finished the first two and am starting Grey's. Earl was funny as hell. The Office was beyond funny.

Ok, I just finished Grey's Anatomy. All I'm gonna say is WTF!!! Don't want to ruin it for anyone, but WTF!!!

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Alexandra said...

Since when does the deli have team trivia night?

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