Valentine's Recap

Well last night was a bust. The hype was...hype. There were cougars and FM Radio DJ's at the bar when we got there. The funny thing was that the cougars were chasing the FM Radio DJ. But HM and I had a good time. We hung out and after a while I started putting money in the jukebox. Too many dollars later we were listening to some great songs. The cougars tried to bait us into conversation. I wasn't distracted by their died blonde manes or plunging necklines. This evening I was not going to be their prey.
After we had our last round of drinks, we called it a night. On my way home I had a hankering for another beer. I stopped at Doc Watson's over on Kirby Pkwy (the old bottom line). After a few beers, I headed home and crashed on my bed.
Overall I had a great time. There weren't that many folks out. I guess most folks who aren't in couples would rather hide at home in pity parties than going out to celebrate another 364 days that aren't Valentine's Day.

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