Friday Night Recap

Oh wow. Last night the claws were out. I heard more trash talking than I have in a long time. I heard new nicknames that will never be used again or identified:

Awkward Lingerer
Inappropriate Side Hugger

Anywho, enough of the negativity. I met Les, Kenny, Mallory, and Lana at El Porton for dinner. Today (Saturday) is the Shady Hasbeen's bday. The wait staff were very appropriate in acknowledging this fact:

After all that hoopla I headed to the Brookhaven to meet up with David, Autumn, Tackleberry, Mikaholic, some random chick, and Colleen. Colleen's "parents" ended up showing up after a while. Here are a few pics:

We had a good time. I can say that I was not hungover this morning...unlike some folks. Tonight I'm headed downtown for Mendi's bday. There's no telling what's going to happen.

Songs on the Ipod:
The Grateful Dead - Box of Rain
GD - Friend of the Devil
GD - Sugar Magnolia
GD - Operator
GD - Candyman
GD - Ripple
GD - Brokedown Palace

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Memphis Steve said...

You guys look to be having way too much fun.

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