Weekend Recap, Single Man or Woman's Valentine's Plans

Friday night the brother scored two free tickets to the game between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Minnesota Timberwolves. We went. The Grizzlies won...and shut down Kevin Garnett. If you haven't been to a game in the Forum (which I hadn't until Friday night), GO. I don't care how bad we have been losing this season. It is actually a lot of fun. The barbeque nachos sucked though. But the beer was cold. Real cold.

So the big thing this week is...nothing. But if you are looking for something to do for Valentine's Day and you are single, check out Newby's. One of my friends told me that over the last few years, the underground name for the party is "Valentine's Vixens." Here the party details from the Newby's MySpace bulletin:

"The Memphis Icebreakers" are playing Wednesday, Feb 14th...They are the ultimate band for Valentines!They play all the top Mo-town, love songs...$7 cover, plenty of tables for the show!Main Stage @ Newbys... Doors @ 8 pm... Show @ 9 pm...Let's Get It On, It's A Wonderful World, etc...

A longtime favorite of the Memphis party scene, the legendary Memphis Icebreakers can play it all and keep a dance floor packed all night. Classic dance music from Motown, funky R&B and soul, beach music, golden oldies, even contemporary hits -- they're versatile, talented, and lots of fun.

Ask anyone in town: this band has played hundreds of wedding, corporate parties, charity galas, and club events.

It doesn't get much better than the Memphis Icebreakers!

This is true. I really enjoy the Icebreakers every time I see them. So if you aren't with anyone or you really don't feel comfortable going on a pressure date with someone you just started seeing but want to go out for Valentine's, check out Newby's. This is the only real single person's party Wednesday. I'm sure you will run into a stalker or two there (I know I probably will), but it should be fun nonetheless.

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XSChat said...

i think i'll just spend my valentines day with a glass of vodka instead. lol

indigo xxx

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