Friday Update

Let's see what's going on...well, I'm not going house sitting anymore. I'm back home in G'town.

What else? Oh yeah,


That's right, I no longer have to wait around for my unemployment check every week. I am going to be another member of the employed zombies out there. I've been looking for a good job for 6 months and within 24 hours of each other, I got two job offers this week. Extraordinary job offers at that. Now I'm not going to publish either company's name or which one I chose. But I expect to start working again the Monday after Easter. So I have one more week of sleeping late and being a lazy bum.

Anyhoo, what else is going on? Well my friends in the Ptolemy royalty are trying to con me into attending the Karaoke fundraiser with them this Saturday night. I'm definitely blowing off that opportunity. Why? Because Walrus is playing at the Blue Monkey in Midtown.

That's all I'm going to put up for now. I'm going to do a post later this weekend with all the stuff that I didn't post during the week.

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