Quick Recapping Post

I only have a few minutes and I want to post a few things to recap the weekend.

Friday night I went to an engagement party for Ellie & Tim. Had a great time. Nothing extraordinary worth mentioning. But like I said, I had a great time.

Saturday I got a text message from Angie about the MPact Casino Royale party. Unfortunately I already had plans to head to Brookhaven Pub with the Shady Hasbeen. We were going to have a few drinks and meet up with the Ptolemy Royal Lushes after they got done with a fundraiser. Uncle Scottie Too Hottie, Hanky Panky, MK, and Hap were also all there. Lil L also showed up when he got done with work.
Like I mentioned before the Ptolemy royalty had been at a fundraiser. The theme was 50's, 60's, and 70's. For some reason they chose to do something from the 50's (lame choice!). The girls got poodle skirts and wore these shoes. Queen Kathryn calls the shoes "blogaliscious." I call them "better if worn with a Catholic school girl outfit." Sunday was Duchess Colleen's birthday so after midnight I bought her a shot. I only bought her a single shot because she takes forever to actually take them: "if I'm going to drink a shot, why not sip it and enjoy it?" My answer is because you shoot a shot by definition. Here's our before pic.
Here's a pic literally ten minutes later after she finished it.
After the Brookhaven pub closed, I rolled over to the Windjammer with Uncle S2H and two of his friends from college. I got a pic of a definite cougar in training (aka CIT, aka Cougar Cub). By the way when did the Windjammer start closing at 3 on a Saturday? I thought they stayed open all night. I've been there until 4:30 before.
Sunday was the brunch for Colleen's birthday. I went and met her and about 25-30 of her friends at Owen Brennan's. The brunch is great there. The bloody mary's aren't though. But I had a great time eating jambalaya, crawfish etouffe, and bacon. Those are great at taking care of a hangover.
After the brunch I was heading home down Goodlett by Audubon Park when I saw this:
Apparently when you get too old for Dungeons and Dragons and get a little money, you actually dress up as medieval knights and fight each other in the park. Not only do they fight, but they bring their families with them to watch. "Oh no kids, look away! Daddy's getting his butt kicked by a bigger dork!"
Anyhoo, I know that's not a detailed recap, but I just wanted to get it done quickly before I leave. Have a good one and don't get none on you.

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Phain said...

that's what i need when i go out...a crown! yep, gotta get me a crown.

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