Lessons Learned

Guess what I'm about to do...
That's right, I predicted that Memphis will lose to Texas A&M. I was close, but when you're in this city and you're not a Memphis fan AND you openly say you think they will lose, you'll never hear the end of it. So I'm going to have to eat crow. But we did learn an important lesson: Memphis has their hands full when they play a legit team.
Let's see; what else did I learn today? Well I learned that if you only have an RC Cola and a moon pie to eat in one day, you shouldn't go swim 2 miles. You need plenty of food in your system. On lap 26 out of 70 (I count backwards so it was my 44th lap), I lost most of my energy. But I kept going and finished my two miles. I was physically exhausted. It reminded me of a time long ago when I was running cross country. Summer before my senior year, our team went to a camp near Heber Springs, AR, called Team Trek. One morning we got up and had a quick breakfast before going running. We did that everyday, but this one particular day we went to a two lane road and ran 14.6 miles. I was almost to the point of collapsing when we were done but had a very strange euphoric feeling running through my veins (you can call it a runner's high). Unfortunately I didn't have the euhporia today, just the physical exhaustion.

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