New Memphis Blogger and March Madness

- I read downtown Paul's blog and noticed he had linked to a new Memphis Blogger. So welcome Midtown Ryan. In case yall want to check out his blog you can click on the link in this post or on the link in my blog roll to the right.

- So far March Madness has hurt me as much as anyone, except my Final Four are still alive. I am actually right on the South Region (the only game wrong there was Nevada beating Creighton). So here's my predictions for the next games based entirely on my initial criteria. I'll highlight the teams I picked correctly in bold yellow:

1. UNC over 5. USC and
2. Georgetown over 6. Vanderbilt

1. Florida over 5. Butler and
3. Oregon over 7. UNLV (note: I initially had Wisconsin over Notre Dame in this round)

1. Kansas over 4. Southern Illinois and
2. UCLA over 3. Pitt

and finally for all my local readers...
1. Ohio State over 5. Tennessee and
3. Texas A&M over 2. Memphis

Yeah I said it. I think our city's premiere junior college will lose to the Aggies. I heard some ESPN commentator say the same thing I've been thinking: if they get past the second round (which they did), they will play a higher caliber team than any they have played since December. To me this makes sense. Yeah, Memphis has blown out everyone in C-USA, but that's C-USA. Memphis is the only C-USA team in the NCAA tournament. There are at least three Big 12 teams in the NCAA tournament. That's like going from playing against 7th grade teams one week to Varsity teams the next.

There, I've said it. I'm ready for the rash of crap I'm going to catch when I'm wrong. But I still feel that playing for so long in the C-USA is going to hurt your Memphis Tigers. Plus it's in San Antonio. You could take the entire fan base from Memphis to the game and they still wouldn't have as many fans as the Aggies are going to bring.

Now I will say that the UT vs Ohio State game is going to be real interesting. Ohio State is going to have to step up if they want to beat the Vols.

That's all I'm got to talk about today. Have a good one and don't get none on ya.

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