Ptolemy Happy Hour Recap

The brother and I headed to the Ptolemy kickoff party for our Poker Run Fundraiser. We had an absolute blast. I didn't take any pics though. I spent most of my time talking to friends and congratulating new papas Trip and James. Both of their wives gave birth on the same night. It was actually the first time I saw them since before their kids were born.

I also heard that Joey D and Amy are engaged. Apparently it happened two months ago. When did I get out of the loop? I can't believe I didn't even hear about it at Coronation or before.

The big news of the evening is that most folks had their March Madness brackets screwed up by Virginia Commonwealth. How so? They beat Duke. In the first round. Honestly, has that ever happened in the history of Duke University? So does this mean that we won't have to see commercials of Valparaiso beating Ole Miss anymore?

Let's see what else. Oh, Mailbox Mike has finally accepted his nickname as permanent fixture to his persona. He signed some charity shamrock at TJ Mulligan's as "Mailbox Mike." Funny thing is that a lot of folks don't know his last name but know him as Mailbox Mike. I honestly heard a few folks call him that. I'm still laughing whenever I think about it.

By the way why is it a big deal for me to drink water at a Happy Hour? I honestly didn't know that a ton of folks would ask me why I was drinking water. This Lent thing is hard. Big D actually handed me a beer and was offended when I didn't accept it. But I continue to follow my pledge without hesitation. And the folks I told it to were impressed by my devotion.

I have officially scared our Royalty to death almost. They are afraid of me showing up after they've been at parties and taking bad pics of them (like what could have happened Saturday night if my camera had been working properly). I wonder when it's actually going to happen. Hmm...

That's all I've got from tonight. I tried to post a funny video here, but it wouldn't work. So here's a link to WHAT HE'S REALLY THINKING.

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