Saturday & Tuesday Nights

Saturday night I was going to meet up with the Ptolemy royalty after they got done at another krewe's coronation. The Shady Hasbeen and Shady Lady V were going to head up there with me so I headed to their apartment complex. We had drinks and waited for the royalty to call us with their post party plans. And we waited. And we waited. Apparently they aren't going to leave parties this year until the band is finally over. Sucks to be a royal, I guess.
Anyhoo, after we finally got the word to head to the Blue Monkey, Shady H was waiting on Lloyd to get there and they would show up later. Shady LV and I headed on. We had a good time but we weren't having near as good a time as the royals. I got a few pics.
Here's Duchess April, Duchess Kristie, Queen Kathryn, and Shady LV.
Here's the King and Queen.Someone tore her dress again.Here's duchesses Autumn and April (or as someone called them "the seasons").We stayed there a while and then called it a night. It was fun. But I was never able to catch up with their royal headstart.
Tuesday was Uncle Scottie Too Hottie's Birthday. He wanted to get folks together at the Brookhaven Pub. Here's a pic of the birthday boy with his birthday bottle of Ol' Grandad:

I took my cousin Robert who was in town for spring break. We hung out with Andy and Jana, McAsh, Dr. J, Mailbox Mike, and a several other folks. About 9 I realized that it was starting to wind down so I decided to take Robert to Ernestine and Hazel's. He'd never had a soulburger to I told him about it on the way there. I was afraid I oversold the quality of it, but after a few bites, he told me that it was the greatest burger he's ever had. We later headed to Silky's on Beale and had a beer there. He was really impressed with E&H and Silky's. Everytime he's come to Memphis, he's been underage so I couldn't really take him around. But he had a blast.

Other than all that I've been interviewing and spending time with my family lately. Kind of laying low and behaving myself. I hope you all are having a great week.

Please read the post below about the party Saturday night.

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