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I'll post the recap from Saturday night later. I've been interviewing the last two days AND have family in town so I've been a little occupied.

Tonight we are going to celebrate Uncle Scottie Too Hottie's bday. If you didn't get the invite, text me and I'll let you know where we are. We're doing this in lieu of having the Thursday Drinking team meet any other day this week.

If you're looking for plans tomorrow night (Wednesday), Newby's has the crawfish boil followed by The Wailers on the band side. For those of you who are culturally ignorant, The Wailers are Bob Marley's band.

Thursday night is the Ptolemy Fundraiser Kickoff party at TJ Mulligan's at 6PM. The money raised will go to a local children's charity so go sign up. The fundraiser is going to be a Poker Run downtown. I'll give you more details on that when the time comes.

Saturday is the St Patrick's parade on Beale Street at 4PM. I'm blowing that off so I can get ready for the real party that night: the Phoenix Club's Mardi Gras/Casino Gaming party. If you've never been, go. It's an absolute blast. Definitely a target rich environment. If you are interested in a ticket, email me at memphisphilip(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Other than that I have nothing to report. Oh yeah, I hate the fact I can only drink two nights a week during Lent. Don't know why I did that. Kinda sucks having to pick what you do and what you're blowing off. And I really don't want to play DD anymore because driving drunken duchesses sucks.

Have a good one and don't get none on you.

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