Thursday Tactical Drinking

So last night a small group of us were supposed to met up at Newby's at 7. The first fashionably late person showed up at 7:45 and then everyone else started to roll in. By the way to those of you who said you were going to make it out and then just decided to stay in, here's a little message for you:

And if you didn't get plenty of voicemails and text messages telling you so, that was just a little reminder.

Anyhoo, Mendi and Meredith were there. Meredith loves the tots. The first bunch she ordered were plain. As soon as she said she could eat another tot if her life depended on it, I decided to take that challenge. I ordered the smothered tots. Did you know they've changed them? The old smothered tots were tots covered in cheese and bacon with ketchup and sour cream on the side. They've done away with the sour cream and bacon on the new smothered tots. You get bbq pork and Newby's sweet BBQ sauce on the side now. It's pretty damn good. I'm not sure if I like it more than the old way or not.

Apparently Mendi doesn't like it when people take her stools. Here's an example of a mad Mini-her saying "hi."Duchess Colleen even made it to the gig. She kept saying she had to leave at 9. But I could have sworn I saw here there at 11:45. She is my NEW favorite duchess.
Miss MySpace gave her zeal of approval for our shenanigans. Or is that her mating signal? I think it's a combination of both.

The Uncle Scottie Too Hottie came after he finished his work dinner. He rolled into the bar as a James Bond impersonator. Then he started doing his Gene Simmons' look. Remember ladies, he is single.A couple of weeks ago the brother and I went to meet Mendi for her bday at the Flying Saucer. We have a tradition on each of our bday's we take two Patron shots. We actually only took one on her bday so I had to get the other round last night. Here's that fun:Here's a pic of me with Colleen and Mendi. The debate of the night was heated. I'll leave it open to yall: Are these hooker boots or not? I'm going with yeah they kinda are. Anyway, thanks to everyone who showed up: Mendi, Meredith, Mailbox Mike, Colleen, the brother, Scottie Too Hottie, HM, guy whose name I can't remember, and a few others.

After everyone started leaving, I went to find the brother. He had run into a bunch of friends from college. I decided it was high time to head home. So I jumped in the trunk and started heading eastward. I called a few wing places to get some late night grub, but they were all closed. I had to wonder: what kind of respectable hot wing restaurant is closed at 1 AM on a Thursday? The answer is any of them outside Midtown. So I decided on the next best course of action: I'm heading to a grocery store to buy some frozen oven wings. Well I had an unused Wal-Mart gift card so I headed there. It was the first time I've been on a late night, post-bar visit to Wal-Mart since college (we used to play Wal-Mart football, more on that in a future post).

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any frozen wings that weren't breaded. And they didn't have any that were hot. All of a sudden I felt a calling from the electronics section. I walked over and found my hands reaching for several DVDs. Next thing I know I'm at the checkout with Lost Season 2, Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 2, Hidalgo, and Waiting. Alas my gift card was for only $30. But in my eloquent state, I didn't want to take the time to return any of it, so I just bought it all and headed home. Cooked my wings. Only ate four because they were horrible. For the record don't ever buy breaded wings. They have no flavor or heat.

Anyhoo, I had a great time last night. Probably too much fun for my own good, but you need that ever once in a while. I'm not sure what I'm doing Saturday night, but I hope it'll be as much fun as last night.

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MG said...

great pics.

speaking of wings, wow, had some of the best EVER yesterday, I think my lips are still on fire.

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