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- Cool friends are hard to come by. But when you get them, you better do your best not to neglect the friendships. That being said, thanks to everyone who hosted and attended the Unemployment Fair this past Friday. The BBQ was great and the beer was cold. I was going to show up after my interview but my alternator decided to die and a wire in the wiring harness was the culprit. A few hours and too many dollars later I was able to finally show up and start drinking.

And thanks to all my friends who called/texted me to come out Friday night after I left the Unemployment Fair. I'm sure I would have had a blast at Brookhaven, the Windjammer, Newby's, Celtic Crossing, and E&H, but I had been drinking for about 7 hours and needed to go to bed.

- You already know about Saturday night. Sorry I was kinda down and harsh on the people who frequented the theater that evening. But I had a huge lack of respect for the general public after witnessing the theater incident. (see previous post)

- So far this week I have had a job offer. It's nothing fancy but it is an offer nonetheless...to work at a liquor store. I'd pull the trigger, but I just went through the first round of an interview with a great logistics company that'll start me off about 8K less than I was making. Hopefully I can swing a job there. That would be great.

- Oh yeah, this Thursday we are restarting our happy hour crew (as Uncle Scottie Too Hottie named it: "Thursday Tactical Drinking Team"). Most of our charter members won't be there, but we've got a ton of new talent showing up. I know I've invited a ton of folks, but I keep feeling like I forgot to invite some. So email me if you normally came last year and didn't get the email. I'll give you the details.

- Lent: As I've said a few times here, I've got two things I'm doing/giving up for Lent this year:
1) Not drinking more than 2 nights a week
2) Swimming at least 4 miles a week
So far I'm doing very well on both. The first one is harder than I thought initially. I like to go out on a week night every once in a while and if I do, then I have to either be a designated driver or stay in one night on the weekend.

Well that's all I've got for now. See most of you tomorrow after work.
Have a good one and don't get none on you.

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