When a door closes...

The canoe trip this weekend is cancelled. Not so much cancelled as no one actually planned it. So I'm going to try to complete the triathlon in Forrest City, AR Saturday. Please note that I said "COMPLETE" and not "COMPETE". That's assuming that my bike gets out of the shop by Friday. Let's hope it works out.

What else is going on? Ptolemy has a Happy Hour this Thursday at Cafe Ole. As usual it's open to anyone to attend.

Also this Thusday, the Memphis Rebel Club has their Annual Kick-Off Meeting at the Memphis Botanic Garden. Special guests include head football coach Ed Orgeron, head baseball coach Mike Bianco, and head basketball coach Andy Kennedy. There are others but those are the ones I'd be interested in seeing.
Details: From 5:30 to 7 social hour and silent auction; at 7 program begins
EDIT: The Rebel Club meeting is next week.

Not sure what I'm going to do over the next few days besides work and the triathlon, but whatever it is, I'll give you a recap.

Btw anyone know of anything fun Saturday night? After the race, I'll want to go out that night.

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kat said...

If I don't see you at happy hour, best of luck on the triathalon!!

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