Blows My Mind

One of my guilty pleasures is to check out Go Fug Yourself. They have a great ability to make fun of celebrities and celebrity wanna-bes in their attempts to keep up with the latest fashions.(when's our local Z-List celeb, Mendi, going to get her shot at this kind of treatment?).

I'll admit that I'm not the most fashionably conscious person you'll ever meet. Hell, I think it should be ok to go to a bar in flip flops and shorts during the summer and I can't quite understand why people dress up in suits to go to Beale (not including people who come from weddings or similar functions). Anyhoo, I'm straying away from the point (must be all the sweettarts I've had this afternoon).

So I was on Go Fug Yourself and saw this post. This is the girl who drove me to school when I was in 9th Grade. And here she is. Now she is called "Sarah Jane Morris." I knew her as Sarah Morris who was president of the student council at Hutchison and as the girl who introduced me to Dave Matthews "Under The Table And Dreaming" album 6 months before it went big. I know that now she stars in Brothers & Sisters on ABC but I never watched it because it conflicted with something else on my tivo list. Funny thing is one of my friends here in town (who used to have regular appearances on this blog) is her cousin. But it was just really weird to see her on the site.

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Kel Bel said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Go Fug Yourself. I don't even feel guilty about it anymore...

Did not know Sarah Jane Morris was from here, but you are not missing much by not watching Brothers and Sisters in my not-so-humble opinion. Pretty cheesy stuff.

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