Quick Update

So it's late at night and I can't sleep. I guess I'll do a little quick blogging...which I'm sure will turn into a long post.

First thing's first: I am no longer unemployed. I started a new job last week. It's great, but I'm not going to go into it. But I did have a nice 2 month vacation. I just wish I had done more while I was unemployed. I should have gone to the lake for a while or just gone to the pool. I really should have trained more though. I did the Mighty Mite triathlon this past weekend in Forrest City, AR, and I could tell I was out of shape. I mean bad. So I'm going to turn that into motivation to get my butt to the gym or riding my bike afterwork.

Let's see what else...there's nothing really. I have found that I've lost my desire to post pics on my blog anymore. It's really time consuming when you use blogger, because you can only add them one at a time. And blogger tends to add extra spaces/lines in between the pics so you have to delete the lines. If you don't have a lot of time on your hands, it can be quite a pain in the ass. But it used to be the way I would get party pics to my friends. Now I'm on facebook and it's easier. Plus a lot of my friends are on it too. I do like it better than myspace...well except for Mailbox's facebook page. He has way too much crap on there.

My new job is down in Horn Lake, MS. I'm really thinking of doing a "Best of Horn Lake Scenery" post, because I have seen some funny shit down there. Really detail jobs on piece of shit cars. Rednecks that you wouldn't believe. All kinds of strange stuff. OH! That reminds me. Thursday I was stopped at a stop light not really paying attention to anything else when I noticed a door open that belonged to the car two ahead of me and in the right lane (I was in the left lane). This girl who had to be somewhere between 16 and 19 leaned out and dropped a jumbo fountain drink on the ground. I know you're saying "well she just poured out her drink, what's the big deal?" No, she just dropped it on the ground: cup, drink, lid, and straw. Before I could even comprehend what I had witnessed, the light changed and traffic started moving. How the hell do you react to that? Well I had maybe a dozen ideas pop into my head of what I or anyone else should have done had there been ample amount of time. These are my favorites:
1. Walk from my car, pick up the cup, tap on her window and say "you dropped this" before handing it to her (I think that would be funny and convey the right message)
2. Pick up the cup and stick it under her windshield wiper (it would be funny and a little mean, helping vent the anger)
3. Pick up the cup and throw it at her windshield (definitely a little more rage filled but still good)
4. Pick up the cup and shove it in her car's tailpipe (if I or anyone else did this, we would need some serious therapy time with Dr. Melfi)
What do you think?

I did see the new Batman movie this weekend. If you haven't yet, I recommend going soon. It was unbelievable except for this old couple behind me who made comments to each other everytime something happened.

Speaking of old people, what is the etiquette with cougar cleavage? I won't say where it's happened, but there have been a few separate occasions over the last month where I have been in the presence of cougars with over-zealous plunging necklines. One time it was a gray panther (i.e. too old to be a cougar). Actually the gray panther was too old to be a gray panther. She was old enough to have great-grandkids. It was at a large cocktail party and she was talking to everyone (she was a friend of my friend's family member...long, long story). It begs the question: is there a statute of limitations on cleavage? How old is too old? Honestly I can't define the cutoff point, but I know she was about 20 years past it.

Ok, it's getting late and this probably should have been a few separate posts, but oh well. G'night.

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