Keep It on the Tracks

So the YMCA is doing a "Keep on Track Through the Holidays" program in the aquatics area. You can choose one of three tracks and try to meet the swimming goal over the course of 15 weeks (Nov 2 through Feb 14):
1. Swim 1 mile per week totalling 15 by Valentines
2. Swim 3 miles per week totalling 45 by Valentines
3. Swim 6 miles per week totalling 90 by Valentines

I chose option 3. Yeah, 6 miles per week. If I swim only 3 days in a week, I have to do 2 miles (66 laps according to the chart) per day. I prefer to swim 4 miles and only do 1.5 miles (49.5 laps). After the completion of the first week, I have done 6 miles and lost about 4.5 lbs. Of course unhealthy eating over the weekend (or maybe drinking) packed 2 lbs back on this morning, but none the less, I'm back to it.

This past Friday we had our Ptolemy Fall Party. I posted the pics on Facebook, but I'll come back and post them here along with some Halloween ones whenever I take the time.

Have a good one and don't get none on ya.

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