A little tired, but very proud

So I am up way too early for a Saturday, but it's game day so I can't go back to sleep. In my last post I talked about the swimming deal I am doing at the Y. Well at that point, I had done week one and swam a total of 6 miles. Well during week two I lost my mind. I went Monday with the intention of swimming only Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday because I had plans Thursday through Sunday. That meant I would have to swim 2 miles each day. Well, I did it. That's right, I swam 2 miles (66 laps) on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Then I had the Mpact wine tasting Thursday night in Midtown so I decided to drive downtown and swim at that Y before going to the party. So that put me at mile 7 for the week. Pretty impressive. Friday night (i.e. last night) I had family in town and we were going to the Rendezvous for some ribs. Well I decided to swim a mile at the downtown Y again. That made it 8 miles. Yeah, 8 frickin' miles. I honestly can't believe I did it. But it looks like my schedule may be full next week so that'll throw me off pace. I'm glad I got these extra two miles in.

OK, I need to go hop in the shower. Have a good one and Go Rebels!

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