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Does anyone else receive emails from the generation above? You know our parents and their friends. Or as some of us call them the "internet-logically-challenged". I got the Glade - Plugin Causes Fires email today. WTF? Who believes this crap? Visit Snopes (http://www.snopes.com) and verify this crap. I don't think it's that hard. Learn from your kids; afterall we've spent the past 20-35 years learning from you.

Oh yea, what is up with those new Krystal commercials? Are they really trying to push drunk driving in the South? You've got the one with the college guy who piles into his SUV with about "nineteen" of his friends. They drive across town and get loads, loads, and loads of Krystal burgers and chiks. Then mysteriously the next day, he opens his door (WHILE HE'S PARKED IN THE GRASS BY THE FRONT DOOR) and fifty thousand Krystal boxes fall out. Amazing how he can park and doesn't remember leaving all those boxes in there. Nice commercial.
It's almost as good as the one with the three girls. There are three girls (surprise, I just said that). One is the Crazy One (read: slutty). One is the Laid Back One (read: missionary position on first date and whips/chains by third). One is the Smart One/the Driver (read: the one with the car who can fake a field sobriety test and then ride the cop later). They each have their own type of Krystal they eat based on their personality. Don't worry I haven't watched it enough to memorize them.
General theme between the two commercials? Young college students go out and "party" before going to Krystals. Do you know how the average college student "paries"? Of course you do; they drink heavily (and those are the ones who aren't on drugs!). How many people do I know who go to Krystals at my age (I'm 26 and have friends between 23 and 40)? Lots. How many go during the day? None I know of. How many go late at night after having been at a party/concert/bar? Lots. I guess in reality Krystals is really try to advertise to their demographic. Maybe they should say something like "Please only let your DD talk into the microphone between 10PM and 6AM."

TV report: Caught Grey's Anatomy last night. It was good. Overall theme for our little doctors/horn dogs was compassion. That's cool except that the only one who had compassion before the show was the dude with syphilis (I don't know how to spell it. Sorry). The one Izzie (Kathryn Heigel) is/was in love/like with (whatever you want to call it). He actually looked and acted like a real doctor. He sided with the new resident in the flesh eating virus leg deal. Anoyone else notice the new resident is the Sticks in the Hair flight attendant from Meet the Parents/Fockers. I knew I recognized her at first and then it hit me after it was over. Nice job whoever you are. You had a great and memorable character in those movies. But I didn't pick you out as soon as you walked on screen. And that was even after watching the commercials with you in it all week on the show. Nice job. DH was a rerun. I hate these reruns. Let's keep it flowing Hollywood. I don't want two weeks of new shows and then a rerun or two. I just got through the Christmas season (not Holiday Season). I need new episodes. Now! Stat!
BTW I just noticed that How I Met Your Mother is a friggin' rerun tonight! C'mon!!! I need some good doses of bland 20-30 somethings struggling with their love lives to make me forget my love life (still not for discussion, sorry). After all, isn't that what the premise of the show is?

Ok, I'll talk more about the SINGLES ONLY PARTY in a later post.

Quote of the Post: Mrs. Skinner from Simpsons - "What's Up with all those rappin grannies in the movies? If I ever start rappin just shoot me in the head! How you doing, Big Blue?"
Songs On The Playlist:
Johnny Cash - I Walk The Line
The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
The Cars - I Like The Night Life
The Grateful Dead - Dire Wolf
AC/DC - Have A Drink On Me
The Who - Behind Blue Eyes
Third Eye Blind - How's It Gonna Be
Jimmy Buffett - God's Own Drunk
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Call Me The Breeze
The Doobie Brothers - Blackwater
Cat Stevens - Wild World
U2 - Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses
Jimmy Buffett - Stars On The Water

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