Title? What Title?

You ever start something and completely forget what you were going to do. That's this post. I had a great post in my head all week, and I have forgotten it several times. So I'm just posting for the sake of posting. Hoorah!

Just read a great post by Rachel called Why Date When you can Masturbate: http://rachelandthecity.com/archives/2006_01.php#001705
I'm just glad that both sexes are frustrated with the dating scene or lack there of in this city. I proposed the following in her comments and I'll propose it again here (although this is a new blog so does anyone read it yet?):
Why don't we designate a certain night where all single men and women between post-college and pre-40 meet at a certain central location? The following rules need to be enforced (how I don't know, but hey they're important):
No "single" people who are in any type of relationships. If you've been on more than 7 dates with one specific person in the last month, you can't come.
If you are married you can't come. NO COUPLES. We love you but we have enough trouble being the third, fifth, seventh, etc. wheel when everyone goes out.
If you are separated but not legally divorced yet, do not come. We don't want to be involved in any type of problems. Plus get your baggage together before you get back into the dating scene.

I'm sure there are more rules that we need to look at, but those are just the first few I wanted to throw out there. Think it over and let me know what you think.

Quote: Seagrove "Kids in the backseat cause accidents, accidents in the backseat cause kids."
Songs on playlist:
Paul Simon "Negotiation and Love Songs 1971-1986". Great album.


Sarah said...

I'm 32 and I've never been married! Of course I don't know you from Adam anyway... but I think the singles night thing would be a great idea for Mempho...
Anyway, have a good day.

Rachelandthecity said...

Set it up. I'll be there...

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