Vent: American Friggin Idol

I have pondered something for many years now. WTF? Why do people watch American Idol? I'll admit it, I watched the first episode of the first season and five minutes of the second episode. The first one was funny with all the freaking douches acting like fools. That second episode only worked for 5 minutes before I tried to gouge my eyes out and pop my eardrums. It is just one of those examples of what is wrong with our friggin culture. Sorry I have to vent. These no talent assclowns put in no time towards creating a career. They go on a reality show (a crappy one at that) and if they can sing (which too many people can) they move on to the real competition. Then their success depends almost solely on how the American Public votes (via text message I believe). So it's not really the American Public is it? No, it's whoever wants to spend money to vote for someone they don't even know. THEY ARE TAKING YOUR MONEY TO FEED YOU CRAPPY MUSIC FROM CRAPPY SINGERS WHO CAN'T EVEN WRITE THEIR OWN MUSIC.
There are so many bands out there who spends years playing dives, eating garbage, and sleeping in their vans night after night and THEY HAVE TALENT. These jokers only get to flaunt their one ability (singing) and get records deals. Sorry I don't get it. I've seen too many good bands who had that spark but never could find and outlet for their abilities past a college bar or honky tonk. That's the end of the American Idol rant.

Ok, Lost was good last night. Not as great as the past two weeks, but good on its own merit. My Name Is Earl tonight was awesome. I haven't watched The Office yet. I did catch "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof." If you have never seen it, I recommend it. Elizabeth Taylor is hot. Now I understand why everyone from the previous generation was convinced that this old hag who hung around that pedophile in the Sergeant Peppers jacket was so gorgeous.

Just saw a commercial for the Sopranos on HBO. I believe that new episodes begin in March 2006. Hell Freakin' Yeah!!!

Jackie Gleason was a comedic genius.

Another personal rule about this blog. My love life is not official discussion material. Sorry, but why do I want to shoot myself in the proverbial foot...or heart...or...well we won't go there. Plus, like every other single man in this city, when it's hot, it's hot and when it's cold, it's cold. I don't feel like bragging when it's good and I know you won't want to read it. Whoever you are.

Social schedule for the weekend:
Friday: going to Oxford for family thing. My brother has been acknowledged as one of the Who's Who of American College Students of the Class of 2006 (smart guy). I told him congratulations. I had a similar accomplishment back in the day (you know, the early part of this century): I was a who's who of the bar. No not law school. The drinking establishments.
Enter your own corny laugh to that one. I'm saying "Hardy Har Har."
Saturday: I have dinner plans (i.e. a date, see personal rule above).
Sunday: No telling. I feel like a bloody mary or several will be in order.

It's late I'm going to bed.

Quote of post: Original "When in Rome...try the Vino."
Songs on the Playlist:
Little Feat - Fat Man In The Bathtub
Jethro Tull - Crossed-Eyed Mary
Marshall Tucker Band - Fire On The Mountain
Lynyrd Skynyrd - The Ballad of Curtis Loew
Earl Scruggs & Friends - Foggy Mountain Breakdown
(Smokey & Bandit on tv, song: Jerry Reed - West Bound and Down)
Bob Seger - Her Strut
Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals - Sexual Healing (cover Live at Bonnaroo)
Ben Harper (acoustic) - Burn One Down/With My Own Two Hands (Live at Bonnaroo)

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