Calendar Dates

These are a few things that are on my calendar. I won't make all of them, but they should all be fun.

Feb 23, Thursday
Wayne Mills Band @ The Levee in Oxford
Wish I could be there. These guys needed a place to crash back in college and stayed with my buddies Gregg and Travis. Apparently they partied til the sun came up drinking whiskey and wrote the greatest song about whiskey ever, titled Whiskey. When everyone arose from their respective drunken sleep, they tried to find where they had written the song. They found the sheet. It looked like a baby had a pen and blank sheet. The only word that was even partially visible was “whiskey”. We caught their show the next night at the Library and it rocked. Check them out if you ever get the chance.

Feb 24, Friday
Gamble Bros. Band @ New Daisy

Feb 25, Saturday
Ptolemy Coronation @ the University Club
Black Tie
Free to Members, $30 to all others

Feb 28, Tuesday
I have no idea where I’m going

March 9, Thursday
Ptolemy Happy Hour @ the Flying Saucer downtown
6PM (more later)

March 11, Saturday
Phoenix Club Mardi Gras Party & Casino Fundraiser (see post below)
Awesome time. You need to be there. Let me know if you need tickets. I have plenty.

March 23, Thursday
Cowboy Mouth @ Newby’s
Be there. Don’t ask. Just be there. Cowboy Mouth always rocks! I have too many stories about them to post.

April 6, Thursday
Col. Bruce Hampton & The Code Talkers @ HiTone Café in Memphis

That’s all I’ve got for now. More later.

Songs on the Playlist (country mix):
Willie Nelson – Can I Sleep In Your Arms
Roger Creager – Fun All Wrong
Pat Green & Cory Morrow – It’s A Great Day To Be Alive
Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire
Cory Morrow - Big City Stripper

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