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Ok folks,
Here are a few items I didn't cover earlier.

TV shows:
Desperate Housewives
Ok, I apparently wasn't paying too much attention during the whole Carlos & Gabrielle's mom thing at the hotel. I thought mama was telling the truth and Gabs had lied to her husband. But I read the EW recap and everyone else noticed (and helped point out to me) that Gabs was telling the truth and her Mom is still in complete denial. Either that or a major bitch. Other than that I wasn't too focused on DH. Yea it's good and all, but I'm not too inspired by it. I am inspired by...

Grey's Anatomy
The only thing that I really feel like talking about on that show (I'm sure I'll rant my way into more topics from this show). Why the hell would Meredith sleep with George? I mean seriously? That I don't get. Is it because she had been drinking? Is it because she needed to feed the beast? That is my new favorite phrase by the way. That is an awesome way to describe that beast that all non-virgins feel. I'll go into that a little later.

Ok, here is something I noticed from the show: Meredith has been oblivious to George for the most part while he has been pining away for her for God knows how long (i.e. the whole damn show). It's like the geek in high school who dreams about the head cheerleader who barely knows anything about him because he won't get into her line of sight. He isn't in where he can be seen or noticed in her day to day life. He is off in the shadows of her life. I don't intend for that to sound creepy or anything. Imagine she walks down the hall giggling with one of her friends about God knows what. The young boy is on the side of the hallway watching her. Until he steps into her line of sight she won't notice him. You never notice something until it is right in front of you (i.e. line of sight) like George walking into Meredith's room to declare his undying love for her. So why would Meredith think/how would she know George has these feelings for her. No one but George will ever tell her. And how does he do this? He comes out of the dark shadows of her doorway into her eyesight in the light of the window and declares his undying love for her. Now she notices him. How does she reciprocate his profession of his undying love for her? She takes off his shirt which we are to assume that means she will sleep with him. She doesn't say anything to answer him. She does the only thing she knows how to do now that she is a hollow shell of her old self. She takes him to bed. That's how she first dealt with the pain of losing McDreamy.

Speaking of McDreamy, what is up with McSteamy? I don't get him. It's like I said in Kat's comment section (there's your mention, KS You Skeezer): he looks like a reject from an open casting call for a Robin Hood: Men In Tights sequel (I really doubt they'll get Dave Chappelle back too). He just doesn't look like a stud. Ok, here's my hetero interpretation of both Mc's:
McDreamy looks like a real human being with depth and soul and also some very masculine traits (he likes to sleep with an intern wherever he can and he fly fishes). He just seems like a real man to me. Not a over testosterone idiot or a sensitive puss. The kind of guy I'd like to have a beer with.
McSteamy (McDouche-y) looks like one of those guys who spends 15 hours a week at the gym sculpting his guns (watch out for the guns, they'll get ya!). And what is up with the whole Earl Flynn as Robin Hood look? I don't get that. At least they gave him a little soul. I mean he did give the poor boy a chance to die with his face looking normal instead of one of Cher's kids (I can't reference that movie because I don't know the name...was it Mask?). He looks like one of those guys you see out at Swig. You know the kind. The ones who just think they are too cool to talk to anyone they don't deem 'good enough' by whatever arbitrary, ridiculous standard they come up with. He doesn't seem like the kind of man I'd have a beer with.

Actually that is a great, quick test of a man. Call it a gut instinct. Are you willing to have a drink with a man?
Yes? Why? No? Why?
You need to be able to perform that gut check. If someone is the kind of person you wouldn't want to share time over a drink with, what does that tell you about the difference between their character and yours? Get your head around that one for a while.

Ok kids, I'm jetting. I have too many errands to run tonight.
Keep Your Pimp Hand Strong

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Billy Idol - Rebel Yell
Ben Harper - Burn One Down/With My Own Two Hands (Bonnaroo 2002)


charly said...

I wanna marry George. Everytime he even opens his mouth to speak, I melt. As for McDreamy, eh, he's just an ass who's pleasing to the eyes.

Philip said...

But do you prefer this Patrick Dempsey or the Patrick Dempsey of the 80s, ala 'Can't By Me Love'?

Lexie said...

I have to say that I prefer this Patrick Dempsey. Although Can't Buy Me Love is one of my favorite movies he was just a little too nerdy in that one.

Philip said...

The whole punk to preppy in less than a day thing always bugged me about that.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree. How could Meredith crawl into bed with George even though she is in love with McDreamy (and McSteamy is definitly a better prospect)? Yet, haven't you ever crawled into bed in the hopes of forgetting that the one you really want is choosing to be with someone else?

Anonymous said...

I completely agree! How could Meredith want to sleep with George when she is in love with McDreamy (and when McSteamy is definitly a better option)? Yet, haven't you ever crawled into bed with someone else to forget the one you really wanted?

Lexie said...

But by the end of Can't Buy Me Love he was actually cool looking and non nerdy (the lawnmower scene)

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