Personal Musical Observation

I was driving home from church today when a Led Zeppelin song from their second album came on the radio. I came to an immediate realization. There are songs/bands that you play so much in your life that they tend to fade out of your soundtrack. Led Zeppelin is one of those for me. I have listened to Zeppelin since the early 90s. Then within the last two years, they've kinda faded out of my playlist. I know you have songs/bands like this. But when it came on the radio today I realized how great their music was. I have made a personal promise to start listening to more Zeppelin. Especially the first two albums. Those are a little more bluesy than the rest...in my opinion. I mean they are still cutting their teeth on their musical talents.

Ok, what else is going on...IT'S SUPER B*WL SUNDAY! I can't say that or else the NFL will sue me. Dicks! I'm heading over to Trip & Elaine's house. There are supposed to be about 25-30 people there. If we have any awesome stories/embarassing stories, I will relay them later. As usual, I won't relay last names. If you are in the know in that circle then you will know who did what.
Have fun tonight kiddies!

No Quote today :(
Songs on the playlist:
Led Zeppelin II album

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