There's A New Sheriff In Town

Lost tonight...WAS AWESOME! After having been stuck on an island for all this time, Sawyer can still pull a con if he needs it. I think the moral of this story is don't cross anyone. If you missed it, what's wrong with you? Great show. I actually slept through it, but since I recorded it on my DVR, I woke up around 9:15 and turned it on. General theme through the whole show (both flashback and on island) Sawyer will put aside his personal feelings to keep the upper hand and/or continue the con even if it means giving up on love (with Cassidy in the flashback and Kate on the Island). Speaking of Cassidy, here is a little weird theory I came up with that:
Cassidy is an old Grateful Dead song. It was played a lot back in the early 70s when they were into the old western bluegrass type music (see both Workingman's Dead and American Beauty albums). It's not from those albums, but after those albums, a lot of their live shows included that song. Of course since it was the Grateful Dead, they played most anything. But I always associate the song Cassidy with the old west (don't know the words by heart, but that's the feeling I get). So who played Cassidy on the show? The same actress who played Joanie Stubbs in Deadwood on HBO. Isn't that a show in the old west? Hmm...and what was Sawyer's comment to the crowd? "There's a new sheriff in town."

And look there is the actor who plays Sawyer on Conan. Nice. Josh Holloway is a funny guy. Great actor.

Ok, item next. Tomorrow night is the Ptolemy Happy Hour for February at Dan McGuinness in East Memphis by Target (pronounced Tar-Je'). Be there. We're gonna have a large time.

And yes, the email was edited off the invite.

Have a great evening. And remember, drink alcohol not caffeine.

Songs on the Playlist:
Chris Isaak - Life Will Go On
Jay-Z - Jigga My Nigga
Jay-Z - I Just Wanna Love U
Jay-Z ft Aliyah - Can I Get A
Jay-Z - Big Pimpin

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