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Here are a few items of note:
This Thursday Feb. 9, the Grand Krewe of Ptolemy (http://www.ptolemymemphis.com/) is having our February Happy Hour at Dan McGuinness Irish Pub in East Memphis. It starts around 6PM. As always, we're laid back and just hanging out. This is our last Happy Hour before Coronation on Feb. 25 at the UClub (more info on that later).

Ok, the big news, ZYDECO FEST IS BACK BABY!!! The quick story behind my enthusiasm:
Two years ago, I saw a billboard advertising for it. I didn't know anything about it. Ok, I know Beale St. and I know Zydeco. But I never knew there was a Zydeco Fest on Beale St!?! So I grabbed David P. and we went to Beale on a warm Saturday night in February. Paid to get a wristband for the clubs. Went to Rum Boogie Cafe and listened to an unfreaking believable Zydeco band. I don't know their name. But when you're having a great time, what does it matter?
So anywho, I was driving down Central the other day when I saw a billboard for The 14th Annual Beale Street Zydeco Fest. Hells Yea! Well, here are the particulars: $12 gets you into 14 participating clubs on Beale St from 5PM to 5AM. Now there isn't music playing from 5 to 5. Raynata from the Beale Street Merchants Association emailed me the list of who and where and when. I don't have Word on my new laptop yet, but I'll print it out at work and post it at a later date.
The short and sweet thing you need to know is BE THERE. No questions, no hesitation. Just BE THERE.

If I get any great pictures from either function, I'll post them. I'd say those would make the subjects famous, but would it?

That's all for now. I'm going to hop in the shower and then go to bed.

Quote of the Post: Dick Vitale is a friggin douche.
Songs on the Playlist:
Paul Simon - Me and Julia Down by the Schoolyard
Journey (Steve Perry?) - Oh, Sherry
Eric Clapton - Breaking Point
Def Leppard - Bringin on the Heartbreak
Cowboy Mouth - How Do You Tell Someone?
The Doors - Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)
Coldplay - In My Place
Robert Earl Keen - Furnace Fan
Johnny Cash - Boy Named Sue

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