Bada Bing!

Yea I know this isn't my Sopranos recap, but I thought I'd share it with you

Part of my job is to hire subcontractors throughout the country for service calls. One does work in the New York and New Jersey area. We were talking about the Sopranos last week and he mentioned that he has done work (not for us though) several times at a location next to a club called Satin Dolls. Satin Dolls (he explained) is a club in New Jersey where all of the Bada Bing shots in the Sopranos are filmed. He told me he'd get a picture and send it to me.

I just got a call from him not 5 minutes ago. This is how it started:
Him "Philip. This is (name) from (company)."
Me "Hey how are ya?"
Him "Well, I just wanted to let you know you are my first call back in sunlight."
Me "Huh?"
Him "Me and my guys just left lunch at the Bada Bing."

Not only did he get the picture for me, he and his coworker had lunch there. He said when he walked in, he told one of the girls why he was there and she pointed him to a few seats at the bar where a few scenes were filmed one day last week FOR 9 HOURS. He said it was pretty cool. He and his buddy had a beer and lunch. They paid in cash and the waitress brought back all their change in singles. They laughed. He said that the girls there were unbelievable, but they also weren't allowed to do much "unlike on Long Island".

To make it worse, he put my name on one of the dollars and "gave" it to a dancer. So if I turn up missing and am found face down in the Mississippi, you know that the Sopranos came and got me for only tipping a dollar.

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