Ghetto Fashion for March in Memphis

Hey Kids! Are you looking for the hippest trends that the Memphians are wearing this spring? Well look no further for we bring you


Hells Yea! Here we have our first group of models at Park & Airways. JJ is wearing his AllStar hooded sweatshirt, always a must when keeping it real. Hey yall, it is hard out there for a pimp, I hear. LaTeesha is wearing a plain navy sweatshirt with her funky jeans and whu-whu red socks! That's right! She don't need no man telling her how hot she gonn' be. Ataska has a jogging suit that suits her. She matches it with a nice red...thing...on her head. But with that much bling, who gives a f***! She brings the whole ensemble with a nice belly shot. HEY!!!

Here we have our models walking through the intersection...I mean down the runway. Notice how JJ has a bandana and leather whip to really establish his authority. That just brings the whole pack together. Way to go gang!
Here we have our final two March models: TJ and Earl Jr chillin at McClean & Union. Earl Jr is showing off the great early spring ensemble of a hooded sweatshirt worn underneath a lightweight nylon jacket. His white hat with the maroon bill really brings together the whole outfit as if it were to say "Man, I am just here because I want to be here!" Way to go Earl Jr.

TJ has decided to treat us to a flashback of the 80s. He's pulled off the LL Cool J look that was so popular 20-something years ago. But he comes up a bit short on the bling bling. Maybe he can borrow some from Ataska over on Park Ave.

We will see you next month with another addition of GHETTO FASHION IN MEMPHIS! Keep it real, yall!

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