A Real World?

Ok, I caught bits of the premiere of the new season of the Real World. I remember year (I mean mid to late 90s) when I was stoked about the new seasons of the Real World. It seems like now they are going for individuals who fit certain stereotypes.

I do like how the frat douche guy gets one of the girl's bag out of the car and something starts humming. What does this guy automatically think it is? A friggin vibrator. And later he comes down with a friggin blowup doll. When I said later, that was 2 minutes later in tv time.
This guy really annoys me. He is telling the bullimic blonde that she needs another 10-15 pounds. He obviously doesn't know she's bullimic yet. But other than that feux pas (spelling?), he just doesn't shut the hell up. Doesn't he know that is a bad thing to keep talking all the time and talking over other people? It's rude. Oh well, he'll learn one day. Oh yeah, he used dawn as a dishwasher detergent. This guy is an f'ing 'tard.

Ok, onto the other people, you've got a Russian chick. She's hot. Although she does fit the typical Russian stereotype (according to the gay guy, more on him in a minute): everything is big - big hair, big jewelry, big boobs, etc.

You have the bi-racial girl from California who is going to go to law school. Anyone else noticed how they would not shut up about her being bi-racial.

Of course you have the bottle blonde from Connecticut who is bullimic. Ok, she obviously won't eat and makes it a big deal in front of everyone but really doesn't want to make it known. WTF? She talks about how she would be depressed, but she doesn't want anyone to know about it. And if she keeps getting upset everytime she drinks, this is going to get really old. She needs to see a shrink. Here is Dr. Philip's prescription for her:
Eat a whole pizza, see a shrink, don't puke. Quick translation: GET SOME FUCKING HELP! Otherwise you'll be miserable for the rest of your life. If you are unhappy now and don't do anything to change that, you will never be able to be happy in a relationship with someone. You have to love yourself before you can honestly give someone your love.

Then you have the Puerto Rican guy who is a kinda do-it-yourself entreprenuer (spelling?). I mean while he was in college he started reading real estate books and bought his own house...IN COLLEGE. That's pretty cool for a guy who came from "dirt poor" beginnings as he said.
You have the guy from Seattle named Zach. He seems really cool and down to earth. He and the Puerto Rican guy seem like they are the only sane ones to me.

And we have the gay bigot. Ok, what do you call a gay bigot? An unsensitive fag? A queer who finds all your faults? He asks the guy from Seattle (who he says is Jewish. I don't know bout that) what he does. Dude from Seattle says I work in my family's jewelry business. The gay bigot says "oh, don't tell svetlana!" I think that is obviously the Russian girl. I wonder how many episodes until they confront him about talking about people behind their backs. He seems like the gossip queen of the group who can shut the F up (no pun intended). And he keeps saying that Svetlana is "Russian Mafia". Ok, I'm not going to keep bashing this dude. He does enough of that for all of us.

I don't know if I'll keep watching this season. Last season sucked so damn much that I didn't even make it halfway. They were in one of the best cities in the US (Austin) and couldn't do anything interesting. Why won't MTV return to the days of getting one nut (i.e. Puck) and make the rest normal people. And why do they all have to be so damn young. Maybe I was in my early/mid teens, but in San Francisco they seemed so old. Like mid to late 20s. Now these kids are like babies!

Anyway, I'm gonna go pack clothes and stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to meet up with Simon and get my key to the new pad today. I'll be able to move while he's out going to the park or whatever he's doing today.

Adios kids.

Songs on the Playlist:
Bryan Adams - Run To You
The Doors - Peace Frogs
Tesla - Love Songs
The Grateful Dead - Turn On Your Love Light
Led Zeppelin - The Lemon Song
John Mayer - Why Georgia (live)
The Corrs & Bono - When The Stars Go Blue
The Roots - Seed 2.0
The Grateful Dead - One More Saturday Night
The Drifters - Up On The Roof

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charly said...

Long live Real World: Seattle!! Boston was good, too. After Seattle, though, that's when then downhilliness started.

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