Email from Amy on D&Z Show

On my way to work today, I heard a friggin hilarious email from a listener to the Drake & Zeke show on 981 the Max. I got a copy of the email. I have edited only the four letter words so it appears as they read it on the air. I think it is pretty funny. Here ya go:

hey guys! thanks for reading my e-mail on the air. I didn't catch it, but my husband did. he got a kick out of it. he knew it was me even though I didn't tell him about it. who ever chimed in with the grab the mop remark, you were absolutely right! I just don't get women today--they are ALL crazy. They bellyache about how they can't find a good man, or they can't get the one they have to act right. Well, my response to them is this: Get off your ass, clean the f'ing house, and have dinner on the table when your man gets home from work. It does not matter if you both work, go to school--whatever! YOU, ladies, are still the woman of the house. Your home, husband, and children are YOUR responsibility. Men are simple--feed 'em well, f 'em well, and they're happy. What's so difficult about that? I wake up at 5:15 every morning to cook breakfast AND lunch for my husband before he leaves for work, and, I assure you, he gets his lovin' whenever he wants it. (that's another issue I don't understand, cutting HIM off when your pissed. What sense does that make? If he isn't gettin' any, I'M not gettin' any, and I'm NOT going for that!) I could go on forever, but instead, I'll get off my soapbox-- I have laundry to do and floors to mop! Have a great day guys! Weed for life!


Ok, it's me again. Now I have to say that they did discuss that this might be the husband using his wife's email address. But even if it is, it's pretty damn funny.

Have a great day and don't get none on ya!

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Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

That has SO got to have come from the husband.

I'm not a big fan of husbands right now so I'll just keep my big yap shut.


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