Salute to Idol Fans

Well today is the American Idol Season Finale!!! How do I know that? I heard it on the radio. So here's a salute to all you idol fans out there:
For those of you who read my blog regularly and/or know me personally, you know how much I despise this ridiculous farce. So I’m not going to hop on my soapbox this early in the morning. But if you are going to watch it, enjoy your vanilla entertainment. And don’t get none on ya.

Songs on the Playlist:
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Mr. Bojangles
John Cougar Mellencamp – Hurt So Good
The Clash – Rudie Can’t Fail

Today’s Word of the Day:
Cougar – A female (single, divorced, or married) who hangs out in bars looking for any younger man to satisfy her carnal desires. Cougars typically are between the ages of 40 and 60. They hunt for men between 18 and 30. They dress like they are 14 and have the appearance of being terminally tan from too many years in tanning salons. Cougars typically appear to have been “ridden hard and put up wet.” Beware the cougar as she ready to bed any male who smiles at her.


MG said...

cougar huh? interesting... I feel so educated, I definitely be on the lookout for those.

I'm a "reality show" junkie, sry, cant' help myself...

sounds like a fantastic dinner. too bad about the potato. but where's the salad?
I make an AWESOME salad.
just sayin.

Jo aka SeaRabbit said...

What is scary is that more citizens vote for that show than for a president...

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