Top 10 Reasons to Skip Music Fest

Here are the Top 10 reasons to skip Memphis In May Beale Street Music Fest:
1. You are not a stoner.
2. You are not in high school.
3. You are not a thug.
4. You are not white trash and/or have a mullet.
5. You don't like to pay $7 for a lukewarm Miller Lite.
6. It will rain because it always rains.
7. It will be too hot.
8. Your friend will puke before you get out of the parking garage because he/she is such an amateur.
9. The porta-potties (no explanation needed).
10. You need to save your energy for BBQ Fest!

Please note that if you are not from Memphis or have never been to the Beale Street Music Fest, you may not find this that funny. The rest of you probably will (unless you fit into one of those categories).


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Hey #9 applies to ALL porta-potties, does it not??? That's a universal kind of grossness.


Philip said...

Obviously you've never been to Music Fest. Let me explain:
Heat, Humidity, and rows of porta-potties that stink worse than most others I have ever been around.

MG said...

Never been, but ummm...thankfully now, I'll know I never have to

Got Sense? said...

I use to luv Music Fest when I was in HS.

MIkey said...

How Funny. You have summed up Music Fest to us Memphians with grace.
If you have never been, go. But....you hit the nail on the head, save your energy for BBQ Fest!!! Thanks!!

Bob said...

Don't forget about the crappy lineup of bargin bin bands.

Bob V said...

My bud Jamie and myself went last year. Between all the shoving and body surfers landing on us I had a really shitty time. This year the lineup sucks big time so I'll be having a cookout at my house on Mud Island.

Bob V said...
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Anonymous said...

We had never been..but this past weekend wasnt too bad...not too much memphis in mud...alas, we didnt end up going to music fest..but we did enjoy beale street several days!

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