Como Se Dice "My Head Hurts"

Ok, I just got back from McAllisters. I had to get a 1/2 muffaleta. All that bread and olive oil soak up my hangovers like crazy. Why am I hungover? Because I took tequila shots last night at Crown & Sceptre. Miniher and I had fun. I saw all the royalty and tons of other folks. Kat was there. I think she tried to remind me how much she hates me, but I didn't care so I tuned her out. Oh yeah, I forgot the first cardinal rule of the world: if you are a white guy who is older than 25 DO NOT DANCE!!! I guess tequila fried my brains...again. Oh well the lights were low. Wait, that doesn't matter because I still looked like a damn idiot. I got tons of pics of people walking in during the presentation. I was really happy about that. The damn Boll Weevils attacked me. I think I saw one of them give Kat a sticker. I won't say where it was put, but she might tell you. I ran into a girl I went to high school with. She is married with two kids now and is a stay at home mom. She says she loves it. That was pretty cool.

Ok, that's all I'm going to post for now. I'm headed back to the couch for another few hours of Fox Sports Soccer channel and The Military Channel. England was playing Hungary earlier I think.

Have a good weekend. If you see me out downtown tonight, say hi. I'll be "that guy".

Keep it sleazy


Kat said...

Those 'quila shots were awesome. I can now say you were my first. :) And all I have to say is that pulling all FIVE stickers off various areas of my body was kind of funny this morning. Thanks for hangin' with me--it helped detract from the Man-Drama.

Fame said...

Tequila! Oh boy, I have a fondness for tequila. To be honest, it has never been "mean" to me. I have always had a good time with tequila. Now the dancing part, please I love a man that will at least attempt to dance even if it's drunk dancing. Enjoy your weekend.

Phain said...

Phain + Tequila = bad idea

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oooo...te-kill-ya shots!

I try to avoid those AT ALL COSTS

MG said...

Tequila'll do that to ya...
And Drunk Dancing kicks ass.... well, if everyone else is drunk too ;)

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