Crown & Sceptre Pics

So why did it take so long to post these? Well I went fishing Sunday and despite catching too many minifish I decided to take a vacation day Monday and fish some more. Well it's Tuesday and I'm back at work. Don't worry. This time I wore sunscreen (SPF 45) so I didn't burn. I didn't get any sun but I didn't burn.

How was the fishing? Didn't catch much. Drank a lot of beer. Threw back all I caught at the end of both days because it wasn't worth keeping. In other words, I had a friggin blast. Well I came back to a proverbial sh*t storm today. The other guy that I work with covering service for a major account is in flight to Italy right now. He won't be back for two weeks and left about five calls not handled and four calls not returned. On top of that, the phone has been ringing off the hook all damn day. So I'm busy.

So what's the good news besides the fact I went fishing? I can post a few pics from Crown & Sceptre. Here is one of Miniher and me before the festivities. I took a few pics during the party but none are good party pics. So we jump from pre-party direct to post tequila shots. Here is a pic of of James Liles (Ptolemy flagbearer), Miniher, and Walker Robbins. Yeah, Miniher decided it would be a great idea to wear my tie on her head. I didn't mind.
Here is a pic of us a few minutes later. I think the tequila had started to kick in. And that's Kat in the background on the right. I don't know who she was pissed at then, but for a moment it wasn't me.
Miniher wanted a pic of a security guard. She started laughing as I took the pic and grabbed his gun. No you pervs, his pistol. Look at the pic.
Here is a pic of my sister with a Boll Weevil. You have no idea what a Boll Weevil is? They are a bunch of old guys who run around Carnival parties creating havoc. I just hope his other hand is somewhere appropriate.
Oh wait, where are the pics of me while I was drunk dancing? Ha! I may have been drunk. I may have been dancing. I may be a fool. But I was not going to get photographed while dancing...at least not on my own camera. I'm trying to remember, but I don't think anyone else got a pic of me dancing. God, I hope not.

Have a great one and don't get none on ya.

Songs on the Playlist:
Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis - Blow Me...A Kiss
Willie Nelson - Denver
The Grateful Dead - GDTRFB
Robert Randolph - I Need More Love
The Grateful Dead - Cumberland Blues
Bush - X-Girlfriend
Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby (cheesy, I know)
Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me
Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone


Kat said...

I think I was watching my loser date leave early in that photo. Loser. But I do look awfully pissy and princessy at the same time. :) TEQUILA!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Ooo...tequila rocks...and makes everything more fun! Or at least funnier! :)

Great pics! :)

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