Friday Night Recap / Plans for Tonight

So yeah. I bored. I should probably go run or something, but I don't feel like it.

Ok last night. I went down to the Pinch District (by the Pyramid) to the Balinese Ballroom for a birthday party for Gina (the Shady Hasbeen's Sister). It was a lot of Ptolemy folks so I knew most everyone there. The Shady Hasbeen assured me earlier in the week that there would be plenty of single women there. Apparently her definition of plenty and mine are totally different.
I had a good time though. Hung out with several folks and talked. You know normal laid back party stuff.

The downer of the evening had to be the band. I have no idea who they were. But all they played was covers (understandable). Unfortunately they didn't have a drummer. They had a bass player, two guitarists (one was the lead singer), and keyboard dude with foot pedals for the synthesized drums. The lead singer sang every song like he was J.B. from Widespread Panic. Literally. When I first got there, I was standing in the bar room and I heard his voice echo around the corner. I said "Are they covering a Panic song?" Turns out they weren't. It was just some pop song that he sang in the style of J.B. That killed the music for me all night. I couldn't even get into songs I love. I remember they played a Beatles song. I just looked at everyone and said "Are they really butchering the Beatles now? John and George are rolling over in their graves."

To make matters worse, the next building down the street was Westy's. They had a band playing out back. When we stood out front of Balinese Ballroom, you could hear the band echoing over. I heard them play Dylan's "Knocking On Heaven's Door" and "Tangled Up In Blue" as well as Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama." I kept wondering why we didn't go hear that band. But I was there for the party so I behaved myself.

The Shady Hasbeen had a quote last night in regards to her new title: "It is better to be a Hasbeen than a Neverwas." We laughed and went back to whatever conversation we were already having. I think she mostly said it just so I'd mention it here. There you go, darling. Now can you quit talking so much? :P

Apparently this was the birthday weekend. Of course we celebrated Gina's Bday last night. We called Little L to wish him a happy bday at midnight because today is his bday. He's in Colorado to see Panic at Red Rocks, I think. Duchess Jana apparently has a bday today. She was there so A.L. called her voicemail at midnight and we all sang happy birthday to her (she is notorious for leaving her cell phone off and/or at home). She walked out while we were singing. She was confused that we were already singing until A.L. handed her the phone. All the girls thought it was a very romantic move. We men went back to drinking after that.

After they kicked us and the band out of Balinese we all walked next door to Westy's. That band rocked. I danced with a few ladies and had a few beers. Then I went inside and sat at the bar. Gordo decided to go through his camera and show me ALL the pics he had on it. After pic 1,247 I quit paying attention (kidding). But the funny thing is, he was trying to talk to me about God knows what, when he over emphasized a word and all of a sudden there was this grimy dirt on my arm and face. Apparently Gordo didn't put his dip in properly and when he said some word, some dip got on my. Thank God it wasn't the dip spit but the actual tobacco itself. I wiped that off and chastised him for a good 20 minutes. He apologized profusely.

I got a reuben to eat after a while (they have a lot of good food there, FYI). With tots of course. I ate my reuben and started in on my tots. Then three vulters swooped in from the skies: Joey R., Gordo, and RD (yes, Kat's RD). Those bastards kept trying to eat my tots. Joey R stole the basket and gave them to RD. They laughed and laughed and before they could start eating them, I grabbed my effing tots back and wolfed them down. I said "how ya like me now, bitches?" Yeah I thought I was real cool after all those vodka tonics and Shiner Bocks.

Ok so final analysis of last night. Balinese Ballroom has big potential. That band sucked. The band at Westy's rocked. The reuben I ate at Westy's was badass.

So what's on the gameplan tonight? Well BG has invited me to meet him at Newby's. He is going to be there with BD. Supposedly HM and DM have been invited as well. There is really no telling what the hell I'm going to do. I know that Papa Top's West Coast Turnaround is playing there. I want to hear them play unless I get dragged to another bar with the guys. I've been invited to a Midtown Hipster bday party near the Buccaneer by Rachel. I'll probably head there unless I need to take a cab. At which point, I'll just take a cab home whenever I leave where I am.

Ok, I'm gonna head on. Go get you some ass tonight kids, you deserve it.

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