It's Friday BABY!!!

Ok, it's ten after four on Friday. That means I have 20 minutes to finish my billing before I hit the road for the lake. Awesome! Do I have anything exciting to talk about? Not really.
Last night I met Scottie Too Hottie up at the High Point Pub at 7 for a few cocktails. I got into a conversation with the local barflies about things. Somehow the conversation turned to which brain men think with. I'm 26. These men were 45+ in age. I said something like "you know how your little soldier does the thinking for you?" One of them said "Son, my little soldier hasn't had any thoughts in about 2 years besides peeing." So men, that's what we have to look forward to.
After that we met up with 4 other guys at El Porton. I had a jumbo margarita and 4 flautas. Yeah, they sucked. Well the margarita was good, but the flautas sucked. I guess I'm going back to eating chimichangas next time I go there.
Ok, that's all I'm going to talk about. Have a great weekend. Chase some strange tail.

Songs on the Playlist:
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
Widespread Panic - Don't Tell the Band


charly said...

Dude, ElPo rocks my world. However, I must agree - do stay away from the flautas.

Tacos and mexican rice All. The. Way.

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