New Term!!!

I heard a new term recently. If you can figure it out what it means, I might buy you a beer. Actually I won't, but I'll be very impressed.

OFE (pronounced "of-ie")

Good luck


Anonymous said...

. ofe

ofe, noun,
the experience of eating a meal so tasty that you feel like you have had an orgasm

after eating the burrito, maria exclaimed, "i had an ofe!"

Philip said...

Nope. but I like the way you think. Are you the same person who sent me an email?

S2H said...

Old Fart Event

Overly Fucking Excited

Over Fucked Erection
(dont use what they sell in the men's room condom machines or this is what you end up with)

Optimistic Fucking Energy
(what it takes to be a Reb fan)

Obese Fat Eater

Orchid Flower Eater

Philip said...

Nope. sorry

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