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Due to the continued tight hold on my unemployed funds, I will only be participating in a few parties and such for the Halloween weekend. Here are which parties I am (probably) going to attend (energy and time willing of course):

Thursday night - Thursday Night Tactical Drinking Team
I'm not sure if we are meeting for drinks this week or not. It's pretty up in the air. Scottie Too Hottie is doing a work thing and he usually coordinates these events. I have an early meeting Friday morning. And no one has responded to the email yet. So I'm sure we are putting a cancellation on this week.

Friday night - Ptolemy Halloween Party with the U Club
I'm going. Hopefully it'll be fun. I'm skeptical though. Plus I have to get up early the next day for...

Saturday - Ole Miss v. Auburn
Yea, we are going to lose. By a lot. At least in the game. But dammit, we are going to win the party!!! We are having our Oktoberfest theme at the tent this weekend. Unfortunately it's an 11:30 kickoff. So we'll have more time for the party after the game. Which means I'm not sure when we're driving back and I'm not sure if I'll have the energy/sobriety to go out for Saturday night. But damn if I won't try!

Saturday night - Chicken Tractor Party
I'm really going to try to make it. This is supposed to be one of the best Halloween parties out there. Mendi (aka Mini-her) has been going the last few years. Hell, she's such a regular there that she's made the quote list about the party (obviously a joke, but probably true):
Mendi Morrison:
The party is great. Everyone comes out to have a good time, raise money, and go all out on their costumes. I've got to go make out with somebody, stat.

What else needs to be said? Go to the party and you'll be able to make out with Mendi. What able-bodied man can turn down that kinda offer?

Tuesday evening - October 31 (that's Halloween, you damn fool!)
No telling what I'll do. Supposedly Newby's has some big ass party. But every bar will have a party. I guess it's just up in the air right now.

Anything else fun I'm missing? Let me know in the comments.

Have a good one and don't get none on ya

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