Cougar Hunting with Barney

Did anyone catch "How I Met Your Mother" tonight on CBS? Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) went cougar hunting. He even outlined the steps for identifying a cougar. Don't know what I'm talking about? New to this blog? Well, I've been in cougar country before and have survived and described it in length. Here are a few links to older stories with cougars.

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Anywho, the cougar is played by Jane Seymour. She is another character's law professor (which leads to many of the grading jokes throughout the episode). For those of you who are well-read in Cougars on this blog, I give you my favorite Barney quotes from the episode. Enjoy!

Barney quote 1: "A cougar: an older woman usually in her 40s or 50s, single and on the prowel for a younger man."


Barney quote 3: "Oh yeah. It's a cougar alright. Fine specimen. See, you can identify a cougar by a few key characteristics.
Start with the hair. The cougar keeps up with the current hairstyles as a form of camoflauge. the prey may not realize that he has engaged a cougar until he is already being dragged, helpless, back to her lair.
Now the blouse. The cougar displays maximum cleavage possible to captivate her prey. While you're watching them bounce, she's about to pounce.
I see the claws! Long and sharp to ward off rival females...or open alimony checks.
Yeah, this one's a beaut!"

Barney and Cougar post-coital conversation:
Barney "Omygod! Incredible!"
Cougar "Hmm. C minus."
Barney "C minus? What are you talking about? I pulled an all-nighter!"
Cougar "You didn't budget your time well. You glossed over some of the most important points. And your oral presentation was sloppy and inconclusive."

Barney quote 4: "Look! I miscalculated. I thought she'd be old and fragile like most cougars. But kitty's got claws."


AngieDawn said...

Wow... I did actually catch a little bit of this show.

Are you going to the Mpact party Wednesday?

Wayne said...

Going Cougar Hunting? Make sure you learn the basics check out http://on.fb.me/eRs8tQ for more tips! #cougarhunting

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