On The Road Again

Do you remember those late nights in college where you dropped your plans to help out a friend? I just had a relapse tonight. I went to a job interview dinner tonight. Afterwards I had a voicemail from an old buddy from college. He was headed to the grand oasis in north Mississippi that we call the casinos of Tunica. Well he was pulled over and had his car impounded outside of Memphis. He had tried to reach everyone he could. I was the first person to call him back and was actually able to make it. We got the car out of the impound and got the hell out of dodge as quickly as possible. I'm not going into too many details to protect his identity from his family and friends. Needless to say that we are now even for something that happened a long time ago (which I won't talk about). But the problem is I am now wired from the Red Bull I drank to stay awake. It didn't kick in until I was about 40 miles from Memphis on the way back. So I get to post this and watch a little Tivo until I'm tired.

But it's kind of a weird thing when I think about it: I spent the first part of the night trying to convince this potential employer what a valued employee I will be and yada yada. I spent the second part of my night dropping everything and going to bail a college buddy out of a legal bind. But the way I look at it, someday I'll be in a bind and will need someone to help me. I don't plan on driving with a suspended license or anything, but you never know what kind of trouble you might get into.

Anywho I put over 200 miles on my truck today and I feel pretty damn good. Sorry for the rambling.

Oh yeah, say a prayer for Mr. Davis. I'm not going into details because it's not my place, but just ask God for a little help sent his way.

Have a good one and don't get none on ya.


Alexandra said...

I had the same thing happen last week. I drank 6 cups of coffee and had a coffee hangover the next day. Its always good to bank some good karma points. Good luck with the job interviews.

The Dave said...

dad is home and doing well. thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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