Traveling the Ol' Music Highway / CHEAP GAS

I'm headed to Nashvegas tonight for the next part of a job interview. Unfortunately I won't be able to go out boozing it. But hopefully I can catch some pics of cougars in the Nashville wild.

Speaking of job interviews, I'm noticing more and more men of a certain demographic wearing suits that look like they took the fabric from either the drapes or an old couch. What's up with that? And why they hell do you need 42 buttons on a jacket?

Oh yeah! I have found the cheapest gas in Memphis. That's right, THE CHEAPEST GAS IN MEMPHIS. Go to the station at Getwell and Kimball (north of I-240). It was $1.819 per gallon the other day. The previous night it was $1.959 per gallon at the Flying J in West Memphis. Today I got gas at the Circle K on Germantown Parkway just North of the Super Wal-Mart for $1.919 per gallon. Hope that helps.

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